Friday 19 October 2012

The Awakened!

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                                                                     The AWAKENED!

In humanities darkest century entities of positive energies came from galaxies and dimensions to assist humans. Entities of light shinning through darkness, finding humans that have lost their way in the dark. Peaceful, merciless forms of light, brightening the way. Clearing the path for humanity to journey through. Into the new age we journey.

They have never encountered something they could not accomplish. There is not human desire or goal to great to be achieved. No star is to far. These positive energy life forms have an unwavering desire to fix everything they know of that is wrong. They don't care to help. They just want to correct every broken object, every corrupt human and alien. If it is not natural, they will desire it's immediate correction.

When negative and positive entities come to gather, it become obvious that human comprehension is incapable of grasping important concepts. Dark and light working to gather. How can that be? It is a yin yang balance that sustains worlds and plans.Darkness not suppressing light, but making day light. Light being infused with dark to provide moderation. Holy keeps evil from taking to much negative from humans, sustaining balance. Negative life forms making sure positive ones do not over whelm the lives of this realm by over correcting, even the smallest things in human life will be corrected if moderation taken. Positive and negative balance each other which keeps balance while completing goals and reasons.

Humans hurting humans. Deceiving, lying, stealing and killing for petty reasons. With so much over reacting in one's every days life, it's common to act unreasonable. With so much human violence being blamed on negative entities, Humans take no responsibly and never learn how to be better than they are. There's no reason for any entity to hurt humans when humans do it like a favorite hobby. It's done so often over the most stupidest things that it's not even slightly interesting. Humans have become so annoying to most life forms that negative life forms have stopped chatting with humans and stopped draining there negative energies away. Many have left few have stayed around exploring the seas and forest. They have even moved away to abandon housing. The few humans that hunt ghost learn to stop annoying them even positive life forms rather not fix earth and it's inhabitors and just search the plains and space to find life forms that can be corrected and are not being corrected by others. Only a few have stayed for a short time to see if humans are fixable, before doing what the negative entities wanted to do many years ago.

There is a legion of dark entities as well as light entities. Two sides with very different ways of achieving the same things. Many ask how can they both achieve the same things? How many ways can you do one thing? Entities that are of positive energy came to restore humanity by making problems such as money, sickness, jobs, and many more things disappear.

Entities of negative energy don't care about this but the energy that humans produces was just to thrilling to not take. Why leave when humans freely change there positive energy to negative ones? This world the way it is, a great food supply that mainly produce negative energy in many different forms. They take all negative energy and never release it. They get stronger and food becomes easier to get as humans are forces to live more unnatural. These entities that negative energy so peacefully it is hardly noticed by humans.

Killing all humans and taking there negative energies would be no problem for them but if they did that there would be no one to feed from in this realm, but why care? They could easily find other places that suits them. Helping humans is of no entrees to them , but if they can enjoy the experience they will help. Positive entities assures negative ones that earth and it's inhabitors will be restored. Negatives are far to intersted in experiencing this to do anything to stop the rehabilitation of earth.

We understand that humans of this era do not want to die or be killed in order to make a better world. One side can not achieve their goals alone with out the killing of thousands. Working together creates a natural balance which avoids that would cause chaos for human life while setting order to the new generation of humans. This way they will change earth for the better in a peaceful manner. 

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